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Day of wonders today, in afternoon spent an amazing time visiting the sets where harry potter films were filmed. It was minijc2 18th birthday present and he was in heaven. We were the last to leave and got amazing photos which I can't post as atm I'm spending the night at London heathrow aeroport courtesy of a flight cancelation tomorrow due to air trafic control strike in Portugal.
Ok it's morning now, run out of money for internet last night. Heathrow airport at night is surprisingly calm and benches not as unconfortable as they look. Obviously would have prefered hotel but alas ... flight in an hour or so, then laweres meeting at 3h30 then back tomorrow , strike allowing. Minijc3 10 birthday party booked for saturday so wish me luck

Help again

My computer is back , more or less as it should, much to my relief. Still don't understand what happened,but thank god for tech heads. I've been tediously putting all my stuff into the external hard drive to give it a little more life but basically it is on it's last legs, not surprising since it's at least 7 years old. So far I haven't found a way of making a back up of the hard drive, only been able to move documents and photos but not only it's taking forever I can't move programs, so once again I'm asking for help, does anyone know how to do a back up to an external hard drive ? I have windows XP professional and have tried all the help menus but could't find anything

Double bother

Hi everybody, it's so good to be back among the waves :-)  I realize probably no one missed me as I rarely post but I missed every single one of you and your diverse posts. This year that just ended was a pretty crappy one for a lot of reasons I will put in another post but since I think this is my first entry this year I want to wish you  a Happy New Year, better late than never ,no?

 So to cut a long story short somehow my computer went up the creek, we were left with no internet for a week , which was bad enough , but worse ( and probably unrelated to the internet loss) I've lost all of my files and documents and photos . Now the puzzling thing it that I don't seem to have gained any extra disk space so where did they go? I know I didn't erase them , does any one have any sugestion or ideas of how to get them back ? Mine and minijc2's user settings have gone , I mean our names are still there but when we click the screen just goes blue with very generic programs while minijc1 and 3 users are fine as far as I can see, their programs and files are all there. If any of you more computer savvy could suggest something I would be very grateful.

Finally and to put things in perspective, I went today to a 24 year old's funeral. He went to bed with a simple headache, next day he was airlifted to hospital and the day after he was dead, a victim of meningitis. Just like that. It makes you realize how fragile and precious life is. Love everyone around you, or let them go, life is just too short and valuable to be wasted .


My youngest daughter made me laugh today, While watching The Big Bang Theory she turns to my son and says " I can see why you like this program, they are just like you !"  slight silence in the room while I pray silently things don't go south. He asks tersely why and she goes " you know ...  all scientific !"  Bless :-)


My mother is dead,  I was driving to take my girls swimming this afternoon when we received a call from my son to tell me my brother needed to talk to me urgently and at that moment I just knew.
 It's all so sudden we are all still in shock, she hadn't been ill although since her cerebral aneurism last year she had lost her memory and was in a nursing home. 
In a few hours I'll be flying home , she died today , her funeral is on monday , I'll be flying back thursday. Doesn't seem enough for a whole life of love.

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I'll breath easier tomorrow.
The stress levels are through the roof in the last couple of days. As usual it is all my fault, always my fault. I am taking deep breaths and holding my tongue. And my heart !
The worse thing is it gets to a point I start to believe it too and that doesn't help anyone.

Harry Potter madness

Just look at what charm can do for you :-)

Minijc2 is the proud owner of this huge HP placard  he was given after the wold premiere red carpet in Trafalgar square today. He and 2 friends went after school and managed to get quite close to the railings having a great view of all the actors as they arrived.  Apparently, he sweet talked the bouncers so much  that at the end they let him have this huge poster.It looks amazing but now we have to find a place to hang it in his bedroom, easier said than done, lol. 

Help young stargate fans needed

Hi , I hope you can help as I know some people in my flist have children or young relatives that are also into SG.
D is a12 year boy with Aspergers syndrome who is finding the social stuff hard and is very down about it. He is obsessed with stargate but he's never met anyone else who's into it and his mother doesn't feel comfortable with him going on public internet forums so I wondered if there are or you know any other fans around the same age male or female he could get in touch with .
Please comment or pm me so we can change details and help this little boy  come out of his loneliness.

Quick update

Yey, I am now officially on holiday, so no more lesson plans, evaluations and all the rest of the paper work and organization that goes with teaching in college, not  until next September anyway. I am still teaching my private students but at the moment I feel a great lift out of my shoulders and a great feel of relief.
Part of the reason is that for the last couple of months I've been plagued with rheumatic flare ups and my energy levels are rock bottom. This is the other reason

Maia, our six month labrador cross. After several years without a pet , the minijcs finally won and we got her in January. She is lovely, full of energy and mischief and I'm enjoying the time I spend in walks with her but she is very time consuming so I'm looking forward to be able to enjoy her without the work stress.

Proud mama

Tears were in my eyes today after my son told me proudly his exam results. Not because of the marks themselves, who were excellent, but because of the journey that took him there.  It was a journey of ups and downs, of blazers put down toilets , infinite ties cut to shreads and weeks of hardly going to school but somehow we survived that rough first year of secondary school, a new routine in a new environment was established and friendships sprouted.
As he compared and celebrated his results with is friends maybe the biggest achievement was him being invited to two sleep overs. I didn't mind , tomorrow we'll celebrate as a family, today was his day and as good as his 6 A* in Maths, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Music and 5 As in English language, English Literature, French, RE and Art is a wonderfull achievement for his hard work , the simple fact that he was there hapilly mingling with is peers and wishing to go out with them gave me the best feeling.