jafacakes (jafacakes) wrote,

Quick update

Yey, I am now officially on holiday, so no more lesson plans, evaluations and all the rest of the paper work and organization that goes with teaching in college, not  until next September anyway. I am still teaching my private students but at the moment I feel a great lift out of my shoulders and a great feel of relief.
Part of the reason is that for the last couple of months I've been plagued with rheumatic flare ups and my energy levels are rock bottom. This is the other reason

Maia, our six month labrador cross. After several years without a pet , the minijcs finally won and we got her in January. She is lovely, full of energy and mischief and I'm enjoying the time I spend in walks with her but she is very time consuming so I'm looking forward to be able to enjoy her without the work stress.

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